Faster COVID vaccination tracking and pre-screenings for your employees and members
Our HIPAA-compliant COVID solution for organizations helps you protect your teams, workplaces and clients.


Vaccination tracking and COVID screening for your team – made easy



Alert employees before they leave for work to complete their daily COVID screening.
Online Screenings


Members and users can self-screen using their smart phone or PC browser.


Your admin dashboard tracks vaccination status and vaccine record card uploads. It also monitors user responses, and alerts you if a user is flagged.
Secure & easy-to-use COVID screening and tracking
Building off our digital health app for consumers, Calcium has created a HIPAA-compliant COVID monitoring solution for employers.

The right COVID monitoring & vaccination tracking tool for you
Lifetime EHR storage


Eliminate the hassle of paper or cumbersome spreadsheets. Easily and securely upload vaccine record card photos.


Month-to-month or annual contracts, tiered to your size.
Start today


Setup your account today and start using our dashboard right away.


Create account in minutes and quickly add vaccination status and vaccination card photos. Daily screening takes only seconds.


Use smart phone, PC or tablet for screenings. And now available in Spanish.


Dashboard shows who’s vaccinated, who's uploaded a vaccination card, who's completed their screening and who hasn’t - in real-time.
Protecting your employees as they return to work

The HIPAA-compliant Calcium COVID vaccination tracking and symptom monitoring solution is helping companies and organizations bring their employees back into the office and get their teams back to work. See how we can help you prevent coronavirus from entering your office or facilities.

Track your team’s vaccination status
  • Individual status

    Securely and confidentially track the COVID vaccination status of each user.

  • Team progress

    Monitor and track how your team is progressing toward vaccination goals.

  • HIPAA compliance

    Users have the option to report and securely share their COVID responses with admins.

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A robust COVID screening solution that can adapt to your needs
CDC guidelines


With ever-changing regulations and updates from the CDC, FDA, local, state, and federal government, it’s important you have software that supports your need to make updates to content, logic, and alerting in minutes. Studio provides you with immediate access to do so.
Customized alerts


With Studio, you can update alerts, screening criteria, employee instructions, and other features to meet your specific needs. You can also add the ability to upload proof of lab tests or vaccination cards, change required steps, or link to the latest published guidance.
Easier reporting

Real-time reporting

Dashboard continuously updates to keep admins on top of vaccination status, user screening responses and important alerts.

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Protect your workplace from Coronavirus
  • Preventing COVID

    Screen your employees for common COVID symptoms — before they come to work.

  • Keep your team healthy

    Monitor your workforce with your employer dashboard to know which employees need your support.

  • Vaccination tracker

    Record and manage the COVID vaccination status of your team, and upload vaccine record cards.

We’re here to help

Calcium understands your challenges.

Three ways to get started!
Set up your 2 week free trial and see for yourself.
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Your organizational dashboard

Stay on top of your employee’s vaccination and screening statuses with our interactive admin dashboard

  • Alerts

    Get immediate notifications when a user is flagged.

  • Compliance

    See which users are vaccinated and uploaded their vaccine record card, or have done their daily task – and which haven’t.

  • Support

    Robust knowledge base and live chats with support team available.

  • User management

    Easily override erroneous responses, add users or remove group members.

  • And so much more.

Committed to user security and privacy
  • HIPAA compliance

    Ongoing employee training, along with a rigorous audit of our systems, heave earned us a HIPAA Seal of Compliance from the Compliancy Group.

  • Privacy protection

    Only the user’s COVID screening responses are shared with the admin dashboard – with the user’s permission.

  • Secure sharing

    Users can also share their private health data with their primary physician, specialist or spouse – only if they want to do so.

  • Sharing control

    Users can rescind their permission to share COVID responses at any time.

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Medical Groups

Integrated with the Calcium app

The COVID screening and vaccination tracking pathway is part of the Calcium consumer app – whose mission is to empower your employees and their families.

  • Family health

    Users can monitor their entire family for symptoms — even elderly parents and adult children living far away.

  • Medical records

    For the first time, consumers can now gather together all their family’s digital health records from all their doctors, hospitals and providers.

  • Data sharing

    Users can securely and privately share their health records with family members, as well as with their doctors and healthcare providers.

  • Health improvement

    App users can take advantage of care “pathways” for losing weight, smoking cessation or managing chronic conditions.

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An affordable COVID solution for businesses


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Per User Per Month

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