The Concierge Medicine Software for Improved Care Quality & Health Outcomes

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Finally! A Concierge Medicine App That Provides 360° Insights Into Your Patients
Concierge medicine physicians and practitioners now have a next-gen solution to deliver the digital health resources their concierge healthcare patients demand: the Calcium app.
Calcium provides an integrated digital health solution for primary care physicians and providers – especially concierge medical groups – that empowers concierge physicians, nurses and staff members to provide a higher level of service, while also improving productivity
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The Integrated Concierge Medicine App That Improves BOTH Patient Engagement & Staff Productivity

Calcium is more than just a digital health app. The Calcium platform provides concierge medicine providers with a super app that includes a consumer-centric patient app integrated with a productivity-boosting dashboard for your team.

Powerful Patient App

The Calcium app helps deliver optimal health outcomes with automated patient engagement designed to improve plan adherence:

24/7 guidance

daily reminders and directions.

Curated education

– provide easy-to-digest videos & articles

Secure data sharing

ability to share EMR with all care providers.

EMR access

immediate access to lab results & electronic records.

Easy Provider Dashboard

Your integrated Calcium dashboard empowers your team to improve productivity, efficiency and patient satisfaction:


easy integration with digital health apps and medical devices

Real-time tracking

monitor medication & care plan compliance

Prioritized alerts

organize tasks based on urgency & patient statuses

Easy & configurable

Adapt pathways to meet your programs

At last! A Medical Concierge App Designed to Engage & Motivate Your Patients


Patient Guidance

At Calcium’s core, our pathways are designed to continuously guide your patients to better health.

With the Calcium app, you can turn your checklists and instructions into guided reminders, alerts and action plans to help your patients achieve their health goals.
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Patient Motivation

Calcium helps concierge medicine physicians and providers conquer one of their biggest challenges: motivating patients.

Employing gamification design and behavioral science, the Calcium app motivates your patients to take greater control of their health.

Patient Feedback

With our configurable app pathways, concierge healthcare teams can set up regular feedback prompts from patients – in addition to gathering remote patient monitoring data.

This helps your patients stay engaged and on track, as well as help providers keep track of their patients.

Amazing! You Can Configure Calcium’s Pathways to Address Your Patients’ Specific Health Challenges



In a 2022 study with a major healthcare system, the Calcium app was able to lower A1C levels by in just six weeks with continuous guidance and tracking.
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Calcium’s hypertension pathways check for daily vitals and track medication adherence, as well as help patients better understand their hypertension condition.

Heart Disease

The Calcium concierge medicine app can help your patients with heart disease stick to their care management plan and on the path to optimal health.
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The Calcium pathway can be configured to educate, guide, track and motivate patients as they tackle their weight loss challenges and make long-term lifestyle changes.
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Like other chronic conditions, hyperlipidemia can be controlled with the right diet, exercise and medication regimen. Our pathways help your patients stay on track.

Other Chronic Conditions

Besides diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and heart disease, the Calcium concierge medicine solution can utilize pathways for every chronic illness

Preventative Health

Concierge med providers can configure our app pathways with health management prompts to help patients reach and maintain optimal health goals.

Acute Care

Calcium isn’t just for chronic conditions. Our patient app pathways and RPM can be configured to help patients navigate their acute care and rehab challenges.

Elective Treatments

Our perioperative pathways can be configured to help patients prepare for, maintain and successfully recover from elective treatments.

The Integrated Solution for Concierge Practices That Empowers & Encourages Patients

UX: Easy to Use & Understand

The Calcium platform was built with a leading-edge user experience (UX) design to increase engagement and adoption:


our navigation design makes everything easy to find and even easier to get started


we apply proven UX design that users have come to expect from the best apps


configurable pathways walk with your patients through all their checklists and care plans


resource information and our support team are always just a click away for your patients

Gamification: Designed to Motivate

Our behavioral science approach helps motivate even your most challenging patients to stay on track:

Progress tracking

our pathways make it easy for patients & providers to track care plan progress

Individual milestones

configure, recognize and even reward individual milestones achieved

Group challenges

motivate your competitive patients with group challenges and leaderboards


automate regular check-ins and encouragement to keep patients on track

The One Digital Health Platform for Your Concierge Medicine Specialty

Regardless of your focus or specialty, Calcium platform can help improve your concierge medical practice with a patient-centric approach designed to increase each patient’s personal health literacy, plan adherence and satisfaction.


Pediatric Care

The Calcium app empowers parents and providers to work together with pathways configured for pediatric needs and challenges.

Geriatric Care

As app and digital adoption increases among seniors, concierge med providers can expand their care with RPM and daily vitals checks.

Family Care

The Calcium app is family-friendly, allowing parents to create sub-accounts for their children and spouses to give data-sharing permissions.

Disease Management

Whether dealing with chronic or acute illnesses, the Calcium app helps concierge med practitioners configure our pathways for their healthcare focus.

Preventative Care

The Calcium platform supports concierge medicine practitioners with integrative and holistic approaches to maintaining and optimizing patient health.
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Specialty Practices

From allergists and dermatologists to oncologists and other specialists, the Calcium app has the solution to empower concierge medicine practitioners.

Post-Op: Avoid Preventable Readmissions & Complications

While post-surgery complications and even readmissions are not uncommon, many are preventable. Calcium is designed to help post-operation care providers quickly identify and address potential complications – before they become more serious.

By helping to eliminate preventable post-op readmissions, Calcium can help improve your quality of care, patient satisfaction and bottom line.


Patient Guidance

Through Calcium’s configurable pathways, you can automatically guide discharged patients with their daily medications, rehab and treatments to ensure they follow your post-op recovery plans.

Schedule a demo today to see how Calcium can help your surgical patients achieve optimal health outcomes and successful recoveries.

Post-Op Monitoring

Calcium’s integrated real-time dashboard allows post-op care teams to continuously monitor their patient’s vitals, medication and progress – including visually tracking how their wounds are healing.

Schedule a call or take a free trial to discover how Calcium helps care teams automatically and easily monitor discharged patients.

Patient Check-Ins

Calcium’s configurable pathways allow care teams to automatically get updates from patients through check-in questions or surveys to track recovery progress, pain levels and signs of potential complications.

Schedule a meeting or take a free trial to learn how Calcium reduces readmissions with advanced patient engagement.

The Concierge Medicine Solution Designed for Patient Engagement, Satisfaction & Health Outcomes

While the Calcium platform provides an array of tools for concierge medicine providers and practitioners, it’s our consumer-centric patient-facing features that really make our app super!


EMR Access

Your patients can access their entire electronic medical records history – from multiple health systems – through their Calcium app.


The Calcium platform easily integrates with thousands of health apps & medical devices to provide turnkey remote patient monitoring.
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Secure Sharing

The Calcium patient app allows patients to build a circle of caregivers, with whom they can share medical data and info.

Medication Tracking

You can now provide each patient with reminders and tracking to ensure they take their prescribed medication as directed.

Learning Modules

Create a series of easy-to-follow videos and articles to educate each patient about their current or potential health challenges.
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Weight Management

Assign weight loss, nutrition and dietary pathways to help patients get in shape with helpful resources and continuous guidance.

Example: Orthopedic Knee Surgery Pathway

Pre- and post-op surgical software for knee replacements.

Register for a free trial account to see our sample knee surgery pathway for orthopedic patients and surgery management teams.


Improving Your Concierge Clinic’s Productivity

HealthChampion score

Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction ratings by providing more control and information.

Prioritize Your Outreach

Your team can now quickly identify patients who need immediate help.

Patient Engagement

Automatically guide and monitor patients – every single day of the week.

Higher Quality Care

Get a more complete picture of each patient’s health and adherence to care plans.
Remote monitoring

Cross-Provider Collaboration

Communicate with all healthcare providers involved with a patient’s treatment.

Reminders & Notifications

Automated reminders and notifications to help you stay on top of patient progress.

Improved Communication

Get regular feedback from your diabetic patients through the app.

Reliably Secure

The HIPAA-compliant platform protects your patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

Adapt To Your Needs

Develop pathways for specific patient segments and requirements.
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