Calcium Core is your window to your patients

A truly 360-degree view of activity, medication adherence, treatment plan compliance, and more. Calcium Core is your insight hub and control center.

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Real time insights and analytics

Interested in trends with your patient population? Concerned about how a particular patient may need reinforcements and reminders to stay on track until you see them again?  A quick glance at Calcium Core will reveal insights based on analytics and AI to form better tactics for comprehension for patients resulting in improved patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Triggered alerts based on critical care needs and data

Have a patient at higher risk of faltering in their treatment plan? Have a critical care patient that needs immediate identification if behaviors change? Calcium Core allows you to personalize alerts based on pathway notations to capture and tend to those at high risk. It also uses AI to indicate trends and analysis to look at those who may be predisposed or on the edge of certain conditions that would need specialized interventions for the best outcomes.