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Our platform provides comprehensive dashboards and analytics of health data, and our personalized tools and recommendations for individuals drive increased engagement and improved outcomes.


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In addition to providing a more comprehensive EHR resource for both patients and the virtual medical professional, the Calcium platform can also drive more users to your telemedicine service.


The challenge

With its ability to lower healthcare costs, telemedicine is the popular new channel for many health plans, providers and payers. This has produced additional challenges on both the staffing and user acquisition side.

First, there’s the challenge of persuading individuals to first use the telemedicine option before going to the clinic or emergency room. Along with this challenge is the need to increase your user base among your target audience.

The second challenge comes when the patient does use your telemedicine service. If you’re lucky, you may have access to some of the EMR data from the patient. But that information is often incomplete. And as you interview the patient, you may not have all of their current vitals available. So your diagnosis is limited.

Solving these two challenges of generating more telemedicine usage and providing more thorough diagnoses are important ingredients in ensuring your telemedicine service’s long-term success.

Calcium for telemedicine
Calcium provides a platform that can improve your telemedicine service with more health records and real-time data for participating patients — as well as help generate more users for your service.
User acquisition

Challenge: While growing in adoption, many individuals still instinctively go directly to the hospital or ER whenever they’re not feeling well.

Solution: Individuals can quickly connect with a participating telemedicine service with a quick click on their phone or web app. They also receive reminders to first use telemedicine before scheduling an urgent care appointment.

The Calcium platform encourages daily usage through a combination of…

  • Personalized health management programs
  • Data integration with personal medical and fitness devices, and
  • Gamification strategies designed to increase continuous and routine use

By partnering with Calcium, we can drive more of your existing patients to your service. We can also drive new customers in your target area to increase your user base.

Improved diagnoses

Challenge: As you work online with a telemedicine patient, you find that the EMR data from your network is incomplete and your screening process could improve with more data.

Solution:Calcium allows users to share their comprehensive EHR file with you, including data from their home medical devices and current health management programs, as well as data from fitness and wellness apps.

By providing our app to your current users, especially those managing a chronic condition, you will have actual monitoring data from their care program and related devices. You can then use your analytics platform to provide a more precise diagnosis.

But our platform’s built-in monitoring system will also alert users if there are spikes in their vitals or tracked data – and recommend a quick call to a telemedicine service.

Helping patients manage their chronic conditions
The Calcium platform provides customizable health pathways that your patients and members can use to manage specific chronic diseases or their transitions to healthier lifestyles.
ph balance

Weight management

Personalized and incentivized programs to help individuals get control of their weight.


Exercise, medication and stress reduction programs to help individuals control their blood pressure.


Nutrition, exercise, medication and lifestyle programs to keep cholesterol and triglycerides in check.

Smoking cessation

Clinically based programs to help smokers kick the habit and guide them on the path to better health.
Creating your own telemedicine-based care plans

The Calcium platform not only improves your service and outreach. It can also expand your available service, to improve health outcomes, patient engagement and user loyalty.

Our Health Pathways feature allows you to create co-branded health management programs to help your patients even after your session ends.

You can use our platform to create pathways for weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise, nutrition or other health improvement regimens. You can then share your customized pathways with your users or market them to our Calcium community.

Empowering your telemedicine patients

At Calcium, we believe that long-term success for our telemedicine partners depends on using technology and innovation to first give consumers more control over their health and care. By putting consumers in greater control of their health journey, Calcium transforms the dynamic from care-centric to patient-driven.

While this may be a minor distinction to some, giving people actual control is a big step toward the greater goal of continuous engagement, as well as improved individual and population health.

Easy onboarding


Patients can control their EHR from different providers and devices.


Users can choose and customize their health management programs.


Moderated support available from others on similar health journeys.
Medical device data


An educational Knowledge Base always at their fingertips.
Wearables tracking data


Data tracking, both manually and through their device APIs.
HealthChampion score


User feedback is encouraged, acknowledged and used.
Integrated tracking


Attainable goal-setting and personalized progress charts.


Multiple gamification tactics to encourage daily and continuous use.
CDC guidelines


User-approved personalized notifications on multiple channels.
Give your telemedicine service an edge
If you’re a telemedicine provider looking for a solution that will help you improve patient screening, engagement and recruitment, discover how the Calcium platform can take your service to the next level. Get a personal demo today.

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      The next stage of population health for telemedicine

      Technology and the population health movement has fueled many improvements and savings for our healthcare industry. But the full promise of improved public health outcomes has not yet been fulfilled.

      There have been advances, along with a significant investment by healthcare providers throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

      The reason is that many of the traditional behavior modification strategies we’ve relied on have proven less than effective in our fast-evolving digital world. The channels are there to engage the bulk of your population more effectively. What has been missing is a platform that not only leverages leading-edge technology and analytics, but also leverages behavior strategies aligned with today’s digital health environment.

      Until now.

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