Solving the engagement puzzle

Our platform provides comprehensive dashboards and analytics of health data for providers, partners, payors, and employers-at-large. Our personalized tools and recommendations for individuals drive increased engagement and improved outcomes.


The challenge

Healthcare and wellness providers share many of the same engagement and adherence challenges today:

  • Engagement. How do you motivate your patient or member to take the necessary steps — throughout their entire health journey?
  • Customer satisfaction. How do you improve member or patient experience while guiding them to optimal health?
  • Financial stability. How can you leverage technology and increased consumer engagement (and satisfaction) to maintain a healthy operation?
Calcium is a consumer-focused app that helps solve these problems for many employers, healthcare and wellness providers.
The Calcium Platform
The Calcium engagement platform empowers your patients and members with high-relevance care and wellness guidance, along with the education, resources and tools they need to make and act on smarter health decisions. We integrate the engagement and empowerment features of our consumer app with remote monitoring and care management tools for providers to enable you to help your own consumers achieve better health outcomes.

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Easy onboarding

Easy onboarding

We make it easy to get your patient or client on the path to full engagement and adherence.
User empowerment

User empowerment

Users can personalize their app experience to manage actions and lifestyle choices.
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Continuous outreach

We work with you to keep your patients and clients connected — and actively involved with their care plan.
Dynamic gamification

Dynamic gamification

Our app leverages advanced gamification strategies to drive user action and behavior changes.

Social community

We use proven social media tools to empower users to encourage and motivate each other.

Digital connection

Multiple digital channels help you communicate with your patients & clients where they are.
Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

For patients and consumers who need remote monitoring, the Calcium platform makes it easy.
Integrated tracking

Integrated tracking

Integrate medical devices, wearables, apps and IoT data to monitor patients & clients where they are.
Smarter management

Smarter management

Rules-based filtering allows you to prioritize your outreach to the ones in most need of it.
Discover the future of engagement
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      Partnership Opportunities
      Surgery Centers

      Surgery centers

      Increase pre- and post-op care plan adherence, optimize patient recovery and improve health outcomes for your outpatient or ambulatory surgery centers with our smart care monitoring platform and patient app.

      ACO Population Health Engagement


      Answer your accountable care organization’s population engagement challenge with programs and strategies specifically designed to improve patient engagement and health outcomes.

      Learn more about our ACO solutions.

      Orthopedic Surgery

      Orthopedic surgery

      Your patients’ healthcare journey doesn’t end with a successful surgery. The Calcium platform helps you monitor and guide your patient through their entire recovery and rehabilitation journey.

      MCO Population Health Management


      Take your managed care organization’s population health to the next level with powerful engagement tools and strategies designed to empower and entice your patients to commit to their personal health journey.

      Learn more about our MCO solutions.

      ACO Population Health Engagement

      Medical groups

      Empower your patients to take control of their health journey outside of scheduled appointments with personalized health management programs and full access to all their medical, health and wellness data.

      Learn more about our Medical group solutions.

      Telemedicine Solutions

      Telemedicine providers

      As competition in the telemedicine arena heats up, make sure you stay ahead with access to comprehensive patient health records, including real-time medical device and fitness app data.

      Learn more about our Telemedicine solutions.

      Medical Groups


      Hospitals and health systems need patient engagement solutions that work at scale. The Calcium platform leverages digital health technology to expand your care with smarter staff allocations.

      Wellness Providers

      Wellness providers

      Whether you’re a nutritionist, personal trainer, massage therapist or specialized wellness professional, offer your clients more by leveraging our platform to create personalized and branded health programs.

      Learn more about our Wellness solutions.

      Self Insured Payer Groups


      Lower your employee and member healthcare costs by empowering them to take ownership of their healthcare journeys and participating in engaging health improvement programs.

      Learn more about our Self-Insured Health solutions.