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Health Tech: How Technology Can Make an Important Impact on Our Overall Wellness

Calcium’s President, Sid Bala, was recently interviewed for Authority Magazine, as a part of their series, “Technology Making An Important Positive Social Impact”. Sid Bala is President of Calcium and serves on the Board of Directors. Calcium believes a healthier world starts with healthier decisions. Their digital health analytics platform provides individuals with access to […]

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Calcium Continues Expanding Health Data Connectivity

Data connections improves customer-focused growth that ensures they “think healthier.” Calcium, a digital health technology and data management company, is excited to announce their continued product and service connections with some of the world’s top medical laboratories, electronic medical records services, health information networks, and health device companies. Calcium’s growth throughout 2022 has been exceptional […]

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Health Data Technology Puts Patients’ Care First

Functional medicine practitioners can leverage the latest technology to improve their bottom line and their patient’s health outcomes. This article is the final in a three-part series on the importance of functional medicine (and health) for men and the benefits of technology for functional medicine practitioners. Functional medicine practitioners are at the forefront of providing […]

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Guys, Age is Just a Number

Good overall health leads to strong sexual health—and keeps you looking and feeling young This article is part of a series on the importance of functional medicine (and health) for men and how technology can be used to support a healthy lifestyle. In our previous article about functional medicine and aging, we highlighted technology solutions […]

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Technology and Functional Medicine: Solutions for Healthier Outcomes as Men Age

This article is the first in a three-part series on the importance of functional health for men and how technology can be used to support a healthy lifestyle. As we age, things become more difficult to do. You may be a bit slower walking up the stairs. Or more worried about slipping and hurting yourself. […]

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Calcium and Limitless Male Clinic Join Forces to Help Men Improve—and Keep Track of—Their Health

Effort leverages cutting-edge technology to result in better health outcomes Chicago, IL — (August 25, 2022) – Calcium, a digital health analytics and data management company, and Limitless Male Medical Clinic, a medical clinic that provides personalized lifestyle treatment services for men, are excited to announce a unique collaboration that is focused on helping men […]


Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes adversely affects almost one billion people worldwide. It’s a complex and complicated disease that has many associated causes (poor diet, lack of access to health information) and effects (heart disease, stroke, etc.). Because of its complexity there are hundreds of terms that an individual with diabetes will have to understand as they live with […]

Using Technology To Stay Secure and Compliant

Using Technology To Stay Secure and Compliant

Calcium Featured in Companies need to have clear strategies and plans in place to confront unexpected circumstances that affect their workforce. HR leaders are often at the frontlines of answering the tough questions about compliance, meeting employee expectations of workplace policies, and developing procedures to ensure employees work in a safe, productive environment. Leveraging […]

Personalised pathways

Calcium’s Personalized Pathways for Better Experience and Procedural Outcomes

Calcium was recently included in BONEZONE, a leading publication for orthopedic product development engineers, global sourcing professionals and device company executives. Their piece reviews both present and future state and how orthopedic companies are approaching technology. An excerpt of their piece, Orthopedic Companies Add Patient Monitoring to Digital Suites, is included below. Tech startup Calcium […]

Calcium Mobile app review

Mobile App Daily – Calcium App Review

Calcium Reviewed in Mobile App Daily During its recent review of the updated Calcium app, the Mobile App Daily team shared their experiences with Calcium’s medical records and health data management (and sharing) functionalities. Calcium App Review – A Reliable Healthcare Monitor The Healthcare sector across the globe has seen many innovations and improvements within […]

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What HR Needs to Know About Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

Human Resources Director recently included several takeaways from Calcium’s recent webinar for Human Resource executives. “HR leaders need to stay up to date with the ever-changing requirements for COVID-19 in the workplace and communicate that information throughout the company,” said Dawn Adams, president of HResults, a Hartland, WI-based HR consulting firm. Read the full article […]