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Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes adversely affects almost one billion people worldwide. It’s a complex and complicated disease that has many associated causes (poor diet, lack of access to health information) and effects (heart disease, stroke, etc.). Because of its complexity there are hundreds of terms that an individual with diabetes will have to understand as they live with […]

Personalised pathways

Calcium’s Personalized Pathways for Better Experience and Procedural Outcomes

Calcium was recently included in BONEZONE, a leading publication for orthopedic product development engineers, global sourcing professionals and device company executives. Their piece reviews both present and future state and how orthopedic companies are approaching technology. An excerpt of their piece, Orthopedic Companies Add Patient Monitoring to Digital Suites, is included below. Tech startup Calcium […]

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What HR Needs to Know About Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

Human Resources Director recently included several takeaways from Calcium’s recent webinar for Human Resource executives. “HR leaders need to stay up to date with the ever-changing requirements for COVID-19 in the workplace and communicate that information throughout the company,” said Dawn Adams, president of HResults, a Hartland, WI-based HR consulting firm. Read the full article […]