Empowering dermatologists and their patients to greater patient engagement & health outcomes

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The integrated provider & patient solution for dermatologists

Increase staff productivity while also increasing patient engagement

For the first time, dermatologists now have an integrated admin dashboard and consumer health app solution that can drive improved patient adherence to your care plans – while also improving your team’s productivity and patient engagement efforts.

Patient app with continuous guidance & customizable pathways

From allergy skin tests and Botox injections to Mohs surgery and UV light therapy, Calcium’s pathways can be customized to guide your patients to optimal health outcomes, including…

  • Daily self-checks or exercises
  • Educational videos & articles
  • Photo uploads for status updates
  • Periodic status queries

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Admin dashboard with real-time monitoring, alerts & analytics

Your patients’ apps are integrated with your team’s dashboard to share your dermatology pathway updates and monitor your patients’ post-appointment progress, so you can…

  • Reach out to prioritized patients
  • Avoid unnecessary visits
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Improve patient satisfaction ratings

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Expand your service with automated support

Discover how Calcium can improve service & outcomes for common dermatology procedures.


Allergy education

Place educational articles & videos at patients’ fingertips
blood test

Allergy Skin Tests

Provide pre-and post-procedure info and guidance

Botox injections

Monitor patients for post-procedure issues & concerns
chemical peeling

Chemical peel

Guide & monitor patients to ease concerns
face lite

Rhytidectomy (face-lift)

Full periop pathways pave the way for a successful procedure

Facial fillers

From Artefill to Sculptra, our pathways can monitor bruising and post-op healing status
laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Regular updates on skin irritation, pigment changes, or other complications
hair removal

Laser resurfacing

Answer patient concerns, while monitoring for swelling, scarring, or other issues
light therapy

Light therapy for skin

Post-procedure guidance to monitor for complications & ease concerns
medical tools

Mohs surgery

Daily guidance and updates on wound status, bleeding, pain, and possible infections
skin tag

Mole or skin tag removal

Monitor wound healing, while also providing biopsy updates
no scars

Scar revision

Educate patients while continuously monitoring the status of target scar
varicose veins

Sclerotherapy treatments

Continuously monitor the status of varicose or spider vein procedures

Cyst removal

Get regular updates on the status of the wound, as well as share biopsy results
tattoo machine

Tattoo removal

Provide pre-op education and post-op guidance and monitoring
uv protection

UV light phototherapy

Full pre- & post-op guidance to inform patients and monitor their healing

Educating & engaging your patients – automatically

How the Calcium patient app improves patient engagement



On-demand videos and articles to answer questions & ease concerns


Pre-procedure guidance & information to ensure the patient is ready


Post-session pathways to support your recovery plan


Gamification & behavior-based design to encourage adherence


Allow patients to share regular updates on their recovery & healing

Designed to empower both patients and providers

Powerful tools and resources for dermatologists & their patients

Patient app with continuous guidance & customizable pathways

Calcium embraces consumerism and patient satisfaction in its app design:

  • Guided self-management – with clinically-based self-management app specific for the surgical procedure
  • Patient toolbox – including secure access to all health records
  • Medication management – to help ensure patient’s compliance with the prescribed medication regimen
  • Data security & privacy – including 3rd party certification of optimal health data and HIPAA compliance

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Provider dashboard & tools to improve your efficiency and efficacy

Calcium helps dermatologists improve their service while also increasing efficiency:

  • Prioritized patient monitoring – allowing you to focus on patients most in need of outreach
  • Improved care quality – by providing a more complete picture of each patient’s health and recovery status
  • Increased customer satisfaction – with continuous engagement and monitoring beyond the visit
  • Cross-provider collaboration – Participate with other healthcare providers in each patient’s care team

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Empowerment tools for dermatology care teams

How the Calcium provider dashboard improves your productivity



We help you create patient guidance pathways for your most common procedures


Provide your patients with a digital library for their specific condition or needs


Empower your patients to share status & image updates for better engagement


Get the full picture of each or all of your patients’ progress and outcomes


Calcium continuously improves its app based on our clients’ feedback