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Reassure your surgery patients, while improving patient engagement & your bottom line

Improve patient engagement, health outcomes & your bottom line

The Calcium patient engagement and remote monitoring solution monitors your patients and staff for COVID-19 symptoms, while also guiding them through their pre-op requirements and post-op care plan.

Discover how Calcium can improve your restart and patient satisfaction, while increasing potential revenues, today.

How Calcium empowers your staff and patients


Prevent COVID-19

Our remote monitoring tracks incoming patients for possible COVID-19 symptoms

Dynamic gamification

Prevent complications

We help ensure that your patients follow all pre-op guidelines and requirements


Educate patients

Our app walks patients through videos & resources to reinforce your staff’s efforts


Improve adherence

We provide 24/7 guidance to your patients to help them follow their care plan


Increase efficiency

Your dashboard will prioritize the patients based on who needs urgent attention

Improve patient engagement before & after

Unlike other healthcare provider solutions, the Calcium platform is built on the Calcium consumer health app — so we begin with an enhanced focus on getting users to engage.


Before the procedure, the Calcium app can be setup on your patient’s computer, tablet or smartphone to…

  • Inform. Patients can read guides or view videos to educate them about their upcoming procedure, as well as their pre- and post-up care plans.
  • Monitor. Stay on top of patient vitals, from temperature and blood pressure to weight and COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Guide. Automatically remind patients when they have to stop eating, take medications or perform other pre-op preparations.
  • Track. Avoid potential complications or issues by ensuring that your patients follow all pre-op requirements.
  • Reassure. Alleviate patient concerns with timely messages of encouragement.


After the procedure, our post-discharge tools helps improve your patient’s recovery and health outcome:

  • Educate. Instead of handing your patient a folder full of documents, our patient app walks them through the important points.
  • Monitor. Calcium automatically integrates data from many popular home medical devices to provide continuous monitoring.
  • Guide. Our customizable pathways allows you to create a personalized digital care program for each patient.
  • Track. Your care management dashboard alerts you to post-op patients who need outreach from your staff.
  • Increase revenue. Improve your bottom line with potential revenue from remote monitoring.

Explore the Calcium solution for free today

Discover how Calcium allows your team to leverage remote monitoring to improve patient engagement and adherence, while opening new remote monitoring revenue opportunities — with a fully functional no-obligation account.


How Calcium protects your staff and patients


Patient symptom tracking

The Calcium mobile patient app tracks pre- and post-op patients for possible COVID-19 symptoms


Employee symptom tracking

Our employer dashboard can help you monitor staff members for possible COVID-19 symptoms


COVID-19 reporting aid

The Calcium provider & employer dashboards tracks exportable data that can help with required reporting


Free family health app

Our consumer app allows your patients & employees monitor their family’s health & share their current status

The COVID-19 employer dashboard

Easily stay on top of Coronavirus symptom tracking & reporting

The customizable Calcium dashboard provides real-time symptom monitoring for your entire team.

  • Your employees can self-report through their smart phone, PC or tablet
  • Immediately highlight employees that need to see a doctor or self-quarantine before coming back to work
  • Understand which employees need your support and care

BONUS: Powerful health app for your staff’s families

In addition to our provider remote monitoring and patient engagement solution, your patients’ and employees’ extended family members also get free access to the Calcium consumer app — downloadable from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Increase your employees’ and patients’ peace of mind by providing their extended family members (and even friends) with the powerful Calcium consumer health app:

  • COVID-19 symptom tracker. The Calcium consumer app includes a guided symptom tracker.
  • Family health monitoring. Your employees and patients can monitor their family’s current health — from their children and spouses to their elderly parents or relatives.
  • Records & data sharing. Your employees and patients can share their medical records or statuses with their family and friends — decreasing their sense of isolation.
  • EHR management. App users can now gather together and manage their medical records and health data from multiple healthcare providers, wearables and medical devices.

Covid 19 Symptom Tracker