Improve Health Outcomes with 360° Views of Your Functional Medicine Patients

Calcium’s functional medicine app and integrated provider dashboard continuously guides your patients & clients – while increasing your team's productivity and proving results via tracking and documenting outcomes. Try for free now.

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Finally, A Functional Medicine Software That Helps Providers Prove & Improve Effectiveness

Improved Patient Adherence

One of the main challenges for healthcare providers is engaging and empowering patients to adhere to treatment plans:


Provide patients with a library of targeted information in digestible portions.


Adopting behavioral science and gamification design, we help motivate your clients to stay on track.


Our app allows you to provide patients with daily guidance and monitoring – automatically.

Increased Mainstream Respect

Our integrative medicine software empowers functional medicine practitioners to generate valuable clinical data and health outcomes:

Electronic medical records.

Access your patients’ lab results, EMR data and test results.

Device integration.

Access device and other health app data, such as Fitbit and Apple Watch, for continuous monitoring.

Clinical data.

Compile clinical data that you can use to validate, optimize and improve your services.

The First 360° View for Functional Medicine Practices

Get real-time access to the medical, health and fitness data you need to improve your diagnoses, treatment plan and care management.


Medical Records

With your patient’s secure permission, you can receive immediate access to all of their EMR data to provide the most informed diagnosis and treatments.
blood test

Lab & Test Results

As part of our EMR services, Calcium provides quick and direct access to your patient’s lab and test results to develop the best treatment plan for patients.
Wearables tracking data

Vitals Tracking

Regularly track your patient’s BP, pulse, etc., with prompted questions through our patient app or direct integration with home medical devices

Diet & Nutrition

Guide, encourage and monitor your patient’s nutrition, caloric, carb or other diet plan to empower & support patients to meet their weight goals.
Fitness tracker data

Exercise & Fitness

Create and monitor workout pathways – with reminder prompts, motivational notes and helpful tips – to guide your patient to optimal fitness and wellness results.

Pain Management

Remotely monitor and manage your patient’s pain management protocols with daily updates on pain levels, difficulties and efficacy of treatment plans.

Goal Progress

Monitor your patients’ progress toward their functional health goals and improve efficiency with smart prioritizing of patients that need outreach.

Complication Alerts

Create pathways that daily or regularly check for known potential complications to your treatment plan for better health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Automated Check-ups

Configure pathways that regularly conducts virtual check-ups through the Calcium app to ensure your patients are staying on track toward their goals.

The Integrative Medicine App Designed to Support Functional Medicine Physicians

Getting to Root Causes

Functional medicine doctors are at the forefront of identifying the root causes of complex illnesses.

The Calcium functional medicine solution provides the patient engagement and monitoring infrastructure that collects and organizes the data functional medical partitioners need to identify those root causes – and guide their patients on a personalized treatment plan.

Reaching Optimal Organ Health

Functional medicine is also not just for individuals suffering a disease. It’s also preventive healthcare designed to optimize our organ’s efficiency.

Calcium’s functional medicine technology provides direct access to lab and test results, as well as continuous remote patient monitoring, guidance and education – to help ensure that your patients stay on the path to optimal health, fitness and wellness.

The Complementary and Alternative Medicine App for Functional Healthcare

User empowerment

Integrative Medicine

The Calcium platform is an integrative health software designed for both traditional and alternative medicine.

Integrative practices can configure our patient pathways to guide, manage and monitor both conventional and complementary treatments.

Personalized Medicine

The Calcium solution offers the personalized medicine technology for functional medical practices.

Our integrated provider dashboard continuously monitors your patients’ status and progress, with alerts for patients that may need more help.

Holistic Medicine

The Calcium app helps optimize & automate your complementary and alternative therapies.

Get a full 360° view of your patient’s health, from full electronic medical records & lab data to real-time monitoring of compliance with your care plans.

Convenient In-App Resources To Empower Functional & Integrative Medicine Patients


Automated Reminders

Personalized alerts remind patients which medication or supplements to take.

Prescription Records

Fast access to medical records, including prescription & lab data.

Provider Alerts

Provider dashboard tracks adherence to treatment plan and alerts staff of issues.

Convenient Library

Quick links to articles and videos about your alternative medicine treatments.
Wearables tracking data

Integrated Devices

Patients enjoy the convenience of integrated medical devices and apps.
EHR integration

Integrated EMR

Patients can access all their electronic medical records from most providers.

Personal Tracking

Patients can view their progress through various health & treatment pathways.

Integrated Apps

Patients can pull in and integrate data from the most popular mobile health apps today.
Lifetime EHR storage

Secure Data Sharing

Your patients can securely share their medical and health data with caregivers and family.

Proven Pathways to Guide Your Patients

At the heart of the Calcium app are pathways that you can configure for your patients to educate, motivate and even check in with their alternative medicine clients.


Medication Tracking

Incorporate medication reminders and tracking questions to pathways

Learning Modules

Provide a series of more digestible articles & videos on your treatments.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Prompt patients to periodically check and record their key health statuses.

Weight Management

Assign weight loss and diet pathways to help patients with treatments.
Fitness tracker data

Exercise Challenges

Create exercise pathways to challenge & track patients as they improve their health.

Regular Feedback

Periodically ask patients to provide quick feedback on their progress & status.

Improving Your Team’s Productivity

HealthChampion score

Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction ratings by providing more control and information.

Prioritize Your Outreach

Your team can now quickly identify patients in most need of outreach.

Patient Engagement

Automatically guide and monitor patients – every single day of the week.

Higher Quality Care

Get a more complete picture of each patient’s health and adherence to care plans.
Remote monitoring

Cross-Provider Collaboration

Coordinate with other healthcare providers involved with a patient’s treatment.

Reminders & Notifications

Automated reminders and notifications to help you stay on top of patient progress.

Improved Communication

Get regular feedback from your patients and clients through the app.

Reliably Secure

HIPAA-compliant platform protects your patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

Adapt To Your Needs

Develop pathways for specific patient segments and requirements.
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Patient collaboration

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