We Believe Radical Consumer-Centricity Is the Missing Link in Health IT

When you put people at the helm of their own health experience, you get better engagement, better health decisions, and better outcomes. See the difference it makes when you give people the right tools.

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Motivating Patients To Make Better Health Decisions

Calcium helps you solve two of the biggest problems patients and providers face: keeping patients on track with their treatment plans, and letting you know when someone needs your intervention.

Patients download the Calcium app on their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. Within the app, they’re given timely education, motivation, and support, plus asked to securely share information with their care teams. From there, vital statistics, progress reports, and alerts can be shared with their provider, allowing for more continuous monitoring.

Empowering Patients

Whether managing a chronic condition or recovering from a procedure, the Calcium app provides your patients with digital resources, tools, and personalized guidance to achieve optimal health outcomes.

And Their Providers

With HIPAA-compliant access to data from your patient’s various health apps, medical devices, and Calcium, providers now have a more complete of their patient’s progress and treatment plan.

Improving Your Efficacy & Efficiency

Calcium score

Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction ratings by providing more control and information.

Patient Engagement

Our smart app pathways regularly prompt patients with reminders and tips.

Prioritize Your Online Day

Our dashboard allows your team to quickly identify patients who need immediate help.
Online Screenings

Quality Care

Providers can now get a full picture of each patient’s health to provide higher-quality care.
Remote monitoring

Cross-Provider Collaboration

Easily communicate with all healthcare providers involved with a patient’s treatment.

Reminders & Notifications

Automated reminders and notifications to help you stay on top of patient progress.

Improved Communications

Monitor and provide quick notes to surgical patients in between appointments.
Medical device data

Reduce Readmittance

Early alerts to help your team prevent the complications that often lead to readmittance.
Dynamic gamification

Reliably Secure

Our HIPAA-compliant platform allows patients to share all their health data securely.

How It Works

Personalized & Integrated App for Patients

The Calcium app integrates with other health apps and home medical devices patients are using, making the information more relevant and personalized. With a fuller picture of their own wellbeing, patients are more informed and motivated, and better equipped to stick with their treatment plans.

Action-Oriented Dashboard for Providers

Our HIPAA-compliant platform allows your patients to securely share their medical and health information. From there, our intelligent dashboard sorts patients by risk factors, so you can easily see who needs your help and who is doing fine on their own.

Smart Tools to Improve Patient Health Outcomes


Guided Self-Management

Clinically based self-management app for each healthcare context.
Online Screenings

Personalized Pathways

Care management pathways personalized for each patient’s specific needs.
Secure privacy

Patient Toolbox

Digital tools and resources for patients, including secure access to all health records.

Medication Management

Monitor and manage patient’s compliance with the prescribed medication regimen.
Dynamic gamification

Connected Medical Devices

Integrate with home medical devices and health apps to give providers a fuller picture

HIPAA Compliance

Certified by 3rd party HIPAA auditor for optimal health data security and compliance.

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