The Smart Solution to Optimizing Diabetes Patient Care

Calcium’s diabetes management app and integrated dashboard continuously guides, educates and motivates your diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.

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Calcium Provides The Tools To Reverse Diabetes Trends

It’s Not An Issue of Treatment

Providers and clinicians understand how to treat, manage and even prevent most cases of diabetes. One of the main challenges is engaging and empowering patients to adopt life-long changes:

  • Education Instead of a handout or brochure, we help providers offer patients more education about their diabetic or pre-diabetic condition.
  • Motivation Adopting behavioral science and gamification design, we help motivate your diabetes patients to stay on track.
  • Consistency Our app allows you to provide patients with daily guidance and monitoring – automatically.

Stubborn Diabetes Trends

Diabeties Calcium

Trends in Prevalence of Diagnosed Diabetes, Undiagnosed Diabetes, and Total Diabetes Among Adults Aged 18 Years or Older, United States, 1999–2016. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Guiding Your Diabetic Patients to Better Health


Patient Empowerment

Clinically based education, self-management and tools for your diabetic & pre-diabetic patients.
Online Screenings

Patient Engagement

Personalized pathways continuously engage and motivate patients to better outcomes.
Secure privacy

Patient Toolbox

Digital tools & resources for patients, including EMR access and integration with medical devices.

An Integrated Platform for Patients and Providers

Smart Patient App

In addition to integrating with other health apps and home medical devices, the Calcium app provides your diabetic patient with personalized care management pathways – that guides them through their daily treatment and health plan.

Smart Provider Dashboard

Our smart dashboard tracks your patients’ progress, monitors their adherence to your care plan and prioritizes patient-related tasks based on diabetes risk factors – so your team knows each day which patients are in most need of outreach.

Diabetes Medication Management & Tracking


Automated Reminders

Personalized alerts remind patients which medication to take and when.
Online Screenings

Prescription Records

Fast access to medical records, including prescription information
Medical device data

Provider Alerts

Provider dashboard tracks medication usage and alerts staff of potential issues.

Convenient In-App Resources To Empower Patients


Diabetes Library

Quick links to articles and videos about managing their diabetes & blood sugar.
Wearables tracking data

Integrated Devices

Patients enjoy the convenience of integrated medical devices.
EHR integration

Integrated EMR

Patients can access all their electronic medical records from most providers.

Personal Tracking

Patients can view their progress through various health & diabetes-related pathways.

Integrated Apps

Patients can pull in and integrate data from the most popular mobile health apps today.
Lifetime EHR storage

Secure Data Sharing

Your patients can securely share their medical and health data with caregivers and family.

Proven Pathways to Guide Your Patients

At the heart of the Calcium app are pathways that you can configure for your patients to educate, motivate and even check in with diabetes & pre-diabetes patients.


Medication Tracking

Incorporate medication reminders and tracking questions to pathways.

Learning Modules

Design a series of more digestible articles & videos on diabetes.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Prompt patients to periodically check and record their blood pressure levels.

Weight Management

Assign weight loss and diet pathways to help patients control their condition.
Fitness tracker data

Exercise Challenges

Create exercise pathways to challenge & track patients as they improve their health.

Regular Feedback

Periodically ask patients to provide quick feedback on their progress & status.

An Empowerment Solution for Patients and Providers

Motivating Patients

Whether managing their diabetic or pre-diabetic condition, the Calcium app provides your patients with digital resources, tools and personalized guidance to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Improving Staff Efficiency

With HIPAA-compliant access to data from your patient’s various health apps, medical devices and Calcium, chronic care providers now have a more complete of their patient’s progress and treatment plan.

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Calcium: A Smarter Approach to Chronic Care Management

The new Calcium Chronic Care Solution helps you solve two of the biggest problems patients and providers face when managing a chronic condition like diabetes: keeping patients engaged with their treatment plan and more effective patient monitoring.

The Calcium approach empowers patients with chronic conditions to take control of their care management and stay on track, using their smart phone, tablet or personal computer. With their permission, vital statistics, progress reports and alerts are then shared with their provider, allowing for more continuous monitoring.

Improving Your Team’s Productivity

HealthChampion score

Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction ratings by providing more control and information.

Prioritize Your Outreach

Your team can now quickly identify patients who need immediate help.

Patient Engagement

Automatically guide and monitor patients – every single day of the week.

Higher Quality Care

Get a more complete picture of each patient’s health and adherence to care plans.
Remote monitoring

Cross-Provider Collaboration

Communicate with all healthcare providers involved with a patient’s treatment.

Reminders & Notifications

Automated reminders and notifications to help you stay on top of patient progress.

Improved Communication

Get regular feedback from your diabetic patients through the app.

Reliably Secure

HIPAA-compliant platform protects your patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

Adapt To Your Needs

Develop pathways for specific patient segments and requirements.
By The Numbers

What's different about Calcium? We're purpose-built to regularly engage individuals, keeping their health front and center. The results speak for themselves. We live and breathe engagement, and literally move people to action.

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Reliably Secure
Calcium provides peace of mind that your data is secure - we take that responsibility seriously. Here’s how :
  • ID Verification (IAL2) through Kantara initiative-approved providers. Calcium only chooses providers that are verified by industry organizations.
  • Multifactor Authentication - After we've validated identity, we require MFA for health record access via 2FA and 3FA.
  • Secure Systems & Data - Hosted on Azure Health Services’ HIPAA-compliant cloud.
  • Blockchain-based information immutability.
  • HITRUST and SOC2 in progress