Efficiently Manage Your Team’s Vaccination Status

In addition to symptom self-attestation and reporting, the Calcium COVID solution now supports uploading of vaccine record cards and vaccination tracking.

Workplace Vaccine Tracking

Our bundled COVID solution makes it easy for members to self-report vaccination status, upload their vaccine record card, and provide that visibility to administrators. We'll help you better manage all of this new information while your organization gets back to business safely.

Track your team’s vaccination status

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Take a big leap in your return to normal
  • HIPAA compliant

    Calcium is committed to protecting each user’s data privacy.

  • Easy dashboard

    Quickly and securely monitor employee vaccination statuses.

  • Reassure customers

    Reduce customer fears by sharing your team’s vaccination rate.

Why COVID vaccinations (and tracking) are crucial for business

Protect Your Employees

Vaccinations help your workers avoid COVID and bringing it to work.

Protect Your Customers

Vaccinated employees are less likely to spread it to your visiting customers.

Lower Liabilities

Employers with a vaccinated workforce are better able to lower their liabilities.
Integrated tracking

Improve Productivity

Successful workforce vaccinations can reduce illness-related absences.

Bring Back Customers

Your customers can now feel safer about entering your workplace.

Build Herd Immunity

More vaccinations can help build herd immunity in your communities.
Protect your workforce

Since the early months of the pandemic, the Calcium COVID screening app and dashboard solution has been helping businesses and organizations prevent COVID from entering their workplaces and infecting people in their facilities.

The addition of our vaccination tracking feature to our COVID solution empowers businesses and organizations to further safeguard their workers and workplaces.

Administrators can easily view, sort and filter:

  • Members who plan to get vaccinated
  • Members who have uploaded their vaccine record card
  • First and second dose reporting, including date
  • Vaccine brands: Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson
  • Which members have received vaccine doses
  • Remove members from pathway once fully vaccinated
Admins can filter by vaccination status (per current CDC definition) for quick review and reporting. We also make it easy for your organization to manage any future changes, such as mandatory boosters. Our new Member report enables a high-level export of alerts and vaccination status.

See how it can help your company continue operations and meet compliance requirements.