The Easy & Confidential Employer App for Managing COVID Test Requirements

Whether you require some or all of your employees to be regularly tested, our HIPAA-compliant app makes it easy for you to track their testing statuses and results.

COVID Test Tracking for Business

Our COVID solution was one of the first to serve businesses and organizations with our employee screening pathways. Now, our bundled solution also makes it easy for you to manage your employee COVID testing requirements, statuses and results. Keep your workforce safe while you also keep your business on the path back to normal – with the Calcium COVID solution for employers.

Track your team’s vaccination status

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Safeguard your workplace & workforce – without the hassles
  • HIPAA compliant

    Calcium is committed to protecting each user’s data privacy.

  • Integrated dashboard

    Your employee apps sync with your admin dashboard in real time.

  • Convenient for employees

    Employees can easily share testing statuses and results right away, using their smart phones.

Why COVID Testing (and Tracking) Is Smart for Business

Protect Your Employees

Regardless of vaccination mandates, screenings and testing helps to keep COVID from entering or spreading among your workers.

Protect Your Customers

Regularly testing employees (especially unvaccinated ones) can help lower the chances of exposure for your customers.
Dynamic gamification

Lower Your Liabilities

One of the best ways for businesses to lower their risk exposure is to actively safeguard their workforce and workplaces.

Provide Options

Regular COVID testing allows you to provide your employees with options when it comes to protecting your team’s health.
Easier reporting

Spot Potential Issues

Our admin dashboard provides an up-to-date overview of test statuses and results – alerting you of potential outbreaks.

Educate Your Employees

In addition to screening and tracking, the Calcium app also gives you a direct opportunity to educate & inform your workers
Protecting your communities, while empowering your leaders

We introduced the Calcium COVID app and dashboard solution in March 2020, shortly after COVID cases forced many businesses to send their workers home. Since then, we have continued to refine our app from simple employee COVID screening to tracking vaccination statuses.

With its new COVID test tracking and reporting features, Calcium continues to evolve with the business needs faced by our customers. With our admin dashboards securely and confidentially receiving reports from each employee’s Calcium app, your admins will be able to…

  • Provide information & resources to employees
  • Inform & track employees who are required to get tested
  • View uploaded testing statuses or receipts
  • View uploaded test results
  • Flag employees who haven’t met testing requirements
  • Set additional requirements for positive test results
  • Remove members from pathway once fully vaccinated
  • Group members into divisions, departments or locations
Discover how Calcium is helping businesses and organizations get back to normal – while keeping their employees and customers safe.