Efficient COVID-19 monitoring for all businesses & organizations

Building off our digital health app for consumers, Calcium has created a HIPAA-compliant COVID-19 monitoring solution for employers.

The COVID-19 solution for corporate America

The HIPAA-compliant Calcium COVID-19 monitoring solution is helping companies and organizations — across all segments and sizes — to bring their employees back into the office and get their teams back to work. See how we can help your team.

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COVID-19 screening & monitoring for enterprise businesses

Lifetime EHR storage


Eliminate the hassle of paper or cumbersome spreadsheets.



Free for organizations with up to 10 users, our app offers great value and ROI.

Start today

Start today

Setup your account and start using the dashboard right away.



Easy to set up. Users can self-screen in under two minutes.



Users can use the app on their smart phone, tablet or computer.



Avoid bottlenecks at your front door & give cleared users easy entries.


Daily COVID-19 screening for employees & employers



Employees are alerted before they come to work.

Online Screenings


Users can complete online screenings in minutes.



Your dashboard tracks compliance & potential issues.

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Protect your workers & worksites from Coronavirus

  • Preventing COVID

    Screen your employees for common Coronavirus symptoms — before they come to work.

  • Keep your team healthy

    Monitor your workforce with your employer dashboard to know which employees need your support.

  • Contact tracing

    Our contact tracing capability can help you track potential follow-up targets when an infection is flagged.

Empowering your employees for COVID-19 & more

The Calcium COVID-19 solution for employers and organizations is built on the Calcium digital health app for consumers — which empowers individuals with the tools to take control of their health and healthcare.

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The COVID-19 screening app you can rely on

CDC guidelines

CDC guidelines

Calcium incorporates the most current CDC guidelines for our workplace screening protocols.

Customized alerts


Customize alerts, screening criteria, employee instructions and other features to meet your specific needs.

Easier reporting

Real-time reporting

Dashboard continuously updates to keep admins on top of employee COVID-19 screening results.


The COVID-19 monitoring dashboard

Easily stay on top of Coronavirus symptom tracking & reporting

The customizable Calcium dashboard provides real-time symptom monitoring for your entire team.

  • Your employees can self-report through their smartphone, PC or tablet
  • Immediately highlight employees that need to see a doctor or self-quarantine before coming back to work
  • Understand which employees need your support and care


Committed to user security and privacy

  • HIPAA compliance

    Rigorous employee training and systems audits have earned us a HIPAA Seal of Compliance from the Compliancy Group.

  • Privacy protection

    Only the employee’s COVID-19 screening answers are shared with employers — with permission.

  • Secure sharing

    Users can share their data securely with their physician, specialists or therapists — only if they want to do so.

Integrated with the Calcium consumer app

More than monitoring

The Calcium consumer app empowers your employees — and their families

During this Coronavirus crisis, Calcium is making its powerful consumer health app available for free. Even if you don’t use our COVID-19 solution for employers, you can empower your employees with our helpful app.

  • Family health. Users can monitor their entire family for symptoms — even parents and children living far away.
  • Medical records. For the first time, consumers can now gather together all their family’s digital health records from all their doctors, hospitals and providers.
  • Health data sharing. Users can securely and privately share their health records with family members, as well as with their doctors and healthcare providers.
  • Health improvement. App users can take advantage of care “pathways” for losing weight, smoking cessation or managing chronic conditions.

Covid 19 Symptom Tracker

Supporting essential workers during the pandemic

Calcium may not be at the front lines like many of you, but we want to do our part to support you and your employees. For essential businesses, our employer health platform helps you take care of your health reporting and employee health tracking concerns – so you can focus on work that really matters.