Empower Your Chronic Condition Patients

Improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes with advanced self-management patient app and integrated provider dashboard.

Discover how Calcium’s Chronic Care Solution is revolutionizing care management for chronic illnesses.

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See How Calcium is Revolutionizing Chronic Care Management


Guided Self-Management

Clinically based self-management app for each chronic condition.
Online Screenings

Personalized Pathways

Care management pathways personalized for each patient’s specific needs.
Secure privacy

Patient Toolbox

Digital tools and resources for patients, including secure access to all health records.

Connected Teams

Connect all care providers into a virtual care management team for optimal coordination.
Dynamic gamification

Provider Dashboard

Secure HIPAA-compliant sharing of patient health data and care management progress.

Medication Management

Monitor and manage patient’s compliance with prescribed medication regimen.

Finally, A Smarter Approach to Chronic Condition Management

The new Calcium Chronic Care Solution helps you solve two of the biggest problems patients and providers face when managing a chronic condition: keeping patients on track and effective patient monitoring.

The Calcium approach empowers patients with chronic conditions to take control of their care management and stay on track, using their smartphone, tablet or personal computer. With their permission, vital statistics, progress reports and alerts can be shared with their provider, allowing for more continuous monitoring.