Empower Your Hypertension Patients AND Care Team

Personalized app to guide patients – integrated with your provider care team dashboard

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Empower patients to take greater control of their health
  • Improve care quality
  • Better care plan adherence

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Note: only available for healthcare professionals

Real-Time Integration on the Calcium platform


Care Team Dashboard

Real-time remote monitoring of status, progress and care plan adherence for all your hypertension patients – prioritized by urgency
Online Screenings

Calcium Platform

Dashboard & app built on our secure, HIPAA-compliant and consumer-driven digital health app and analytics platform

Patient App

Personalized toolbox with guided pathways to educate, motivate and empower each patient to stay on track to better health

Giving Providers The Tools They Need to Move the Needle on Hypertension


Improved Care Quality

Give your hypertension patients continuous daily guidance to stay on track – instead of just medication and handouts
Online Screenings

Higher Satisfaction

By continuously educating, encouraging and empowering your patients, our app helps them make real progress
Secure privacy

Better Adherence

From medication management to timely information and handy resources, our app helps patients stay on track

Greater Insights

Get access to helpful analytics to spot trends in your population and see what’s really working with your hypertension patients
Dynamic gamification

Increased Efficiency

The dashboard’s “Smart Prioritization” feature automatically highlights the patients your care team needs to contact

Patient Accountability

Our robust app toolbox and interactive pathway helps your patient to take greater ownership of their health and care management

Finally, A Smarter Approach to Chronic Hypertension Management

The new Calcium Chronic Care Solution helps you solve two of the biggest problems patients and providers face when managing a chronic condition: keeping patients on track and effective patient monitoring.

The Calcium approach empowers patients with chronic conditions to take control of their care management and stay on track, using their smart phone, tablet or personal computer. With their permission, vital statistics, progress reports and alerts can be shared with their provider, allowing for more continuous monitoring.